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Thirumakalam Mahakalanathar Temple – The Temple

Thirumakalam Mahakalanathar Temple – The Temple
The temple covers an area of 6 acres and has several towers with attractive stucco images. Presiding Deity is called as Maahaleswarar / Mahakalanathar / Kaalakandeswarar. Lord Shiva being a Swayambumurthy is facing east. Mother is called as Pakshayambigai / Acham Thavirtha Nayaki. Ambar is yet another Shivastalam near Ambar Maakaalam, and Somaasi Maaranar's Yaagasaalai is located between the two temples. An image of the Chandala form of Shiva is seen in the Ambar Maakaalam temple.

A number of inscriptions from the period of Kulottunga Chola I (1075-1120) are seen in this temple, speaking of endowments made to the temple. It was during his period that the Ambal shrine was built. The stone structure of the sanctum is also attributed to him. The prakaram and the surrounding walls were built during the rule of his son Vikrama Cholan. The east facing 5 tier Rajagopuram has vast inner space.  

On the right are the Alankara Mandapa and the Marudappar shrine on the left.  Mokshalingam, Kali Shrine, Shivalokanathar Shrine, Yaga Saala are in the prakara. The second tower is known as Adhikara Nandhi Gopuram.  In the prakara here are the shrines of Lord Vanmeeka Nathar, Somasiar and his spouse Susheelai, 63 Nayanmars, Lord Vinayaka, Lord Muruga and Sattainathar at the top of the tower, Mother Mahalakshmi, Eesana (northeast) Jwarahara Lingas, Navagrahas the nine planets, Nataraja hall-Mandapam, Sani Bhagwan, Bhairava and Lord Dhandapani.

Vishnu in the form of Veetrirunda Perumal is worshipped in a shrine nearby. There is an image of Kali the enchantress in the Vishnu temple. Lord Vinayaka with a human face and Adhi Skanda grace the devotees in the temple.  As Lord Vinayaka came here to take part in the yajna of Somasiar with a human face, it is said that He had stayed here in the same form. There is a shrine for Vinayakar who is known as Padikkasu Pillaiyar. Other shrines are for Paathaleswarar on the north side and Punnagavareswarar under the Punnai tree.

There is a shrine for Vasuki in the temple. Urchavars for Thyagarajar, Katchi kodutha Nayakar, Somasimarar with his wife, Murugan with bow, Somaskandar, Siva Lingam in the hands of Kaali can be seen in this temple. Urchavar Thyagesar is not of regular one and is different from other temples. Shiva is in the form of Vettiyan and Iraivi as his wife with kallukodam on her head and Vinayagar and Murugan look like kids. Theertham is Amritavaavi and Mahakala Theertham. Sthala Vriksham is Marudham and Karungali.

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