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Chathuranga Vallabhanathar Temple, Poovanur, Needamangalam – Legends

Chathuranga Vallabhanathar Temple, Poovanur, Needamangalam – Legends
Chathuranga Vallabhanathar:
A king Vasudevan by name visited a number of Shiva temples seeking child boon. They worshipped with all devotion Lord Nellaiyappar in Thirunelveli. Pleased with their prayer, Lord made Mother Parvathi to be their daughter and Mother Chamundeeswari her nurse. When the royal couple was bathing in Tambiraparani, they found a conch floating on a lotus. When they picked up the conch, it became a child. They named the child Rajarajeswari. As decided by the Lord, Chamundeeswari one of the Saptha Madhas became the nurse of the child Raja Rajeshwari.
Rajarajeswari mastered all the arts and the Chess in particular. The king announced that the one who won his daughter in Chess would have her hand. But none could win her. The king, as advised by a sage took on a pilgrimage with his queen, daughter, her nurse Chamundeeswari and his convoy. Lord in the guise of a Siddha met the king and claimed that he was master of chess game. The king welcomed the siddha to play with his daughter. 
Lord in the guise of Siddha won the game and appeared in his true form granting darshan to all. The divine wedding took place with all its due pomp and splendour. As Lord won the chess game-Chaturangam in Tamil, came to be praised as Chathuranga Vallaba Nathar. Ambica and her nurse Chamundeeswari bless the devotees from their respective shrines. Lord joined them to stay in the place. The temple came into being.
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Lords Vishnu, Brahmma, Vinayaka, Muruga and Indira, Sages Sukha Muni and Agasthya had worshipped Lord in this temple performing pujas.

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