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Thenupuriswarar Temple, Patteeswaram – Durga Shrine

Thenupuriswarar Temple, Patteeswaram – Durga Shrine
Though this is a Shiva temple with an interesting history, the most famous deity in this temple is Durga. Patteeswaram Durga is said to be a very powerful deity, and draws devotees from all over. She is basically a Kaaval Deivam (or a guardian deity) of this temple, and has her sanctum right at the entrance. Though Durga is generally considered an angry deity, in this temple, the black granite idol of the goddess with her vehicle the lion, eight arms holding different weapons, killing the demon Mahishasura, has a smiling visage, which seems to reassure us.

The goddess appears in a Tribhanga stature, eight hands, three eyes and jewels in the ears. Generally, the lion faces right, however the lion here faces the left side. In her hands, the goddess holds conch, wheel, bow, arrow, sword, shield and a parrot.

The Great Chozha kings including Raja Raja Chozha I had great respect for Durgai and the Goddess acted as the security guard for them. Also, before their departure for any battle and also after their return, the Chozha kings would invoke the blessings of Durgai. Towards the end of their regime and with their palace at Patteeswaram going into ruins, they moved the idol of Durgai into the Northern entrance of the Dhenupureeswarar temple from where she currently provides darshan to devotees.
Right from the Chozha period, Durgai has been so popular as she solves all the problems of devotees that this temple has come to be referred to as the Patteeswaram Durgai Temple.
According to legend, the Saptha vigraha Moorthis (Seven deities of Shiva temples) and the specialty temples are as under the list:
Mahalingam Tiruvidaimarudur
Vellai Vinayagar Temple

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